Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I pay my bill online? Currently we are not set up for online bill pay. Payments can be made via telephone with credit or debt card, or by visiting our office.
  • What hospital is used by our physicians? Our physicians deliver at Bay Medical  Sacred Heart, 615 N. Bonita Ave. They also have privileges at Panama City Surgery Center.
  • I’ve lost my pink book provided to me at my first OB visit, how can I get a new one? Our pink book is available for download.
  • Is ultrasound safe? Prenatal ultrasound has been used safely for over 35 years. No studies have shown any harm to mother or baby. Please feel free to speak with us about your concerns or for more information.
  • What happens if the baby won’t cooperate during an ultrasound session? The quality of an ultrasound is influenced by these significant factors:
    – the amount of amniotic fluid present
    – your own body mass at the time of the ultrasound
  • What influences the picture of my baby? The picture is influenced by the position of your baby, and his or her temperament at the moment (sometimes they get downright shy and just will not face the camera).
  • What would you recommend for the best 3D/4D ultrasound? Please drink plenty of water the week leading up to your appointment. We don’t need a full bladder for your scan, but we do need for you to be very hydrated!  Appointments for “Fancy Features ©” are scheduled differently depending on the day you choose.